Labadie’s native charm, along with its natural beauty, make this a destination not to be missed.

– Labadie Haiti

Welcome to Labadie Haiti!

Labadie is a seaside resort located on the northern coast of Haiti, in the Cap-Haïtien district, the country’s second largest city. Divided into two compartments: Labadie village and Labadie beach. It receives tourists coming from outside, as well as those coming from inside.

Its beaches, hotels, restaurants and diverse varieties make it one of the most prominent and enviable places in the Caribbean basin.

To visit it, the Labadie Haiti team makes it its duty to make the link between sponsors and tourists to facilitate the exchange. Sponsors need only entrust their ads to the team, which will show them around the world. And consumers, need to contact the team, which will put them in contact with sponsors for a guided tour. With Labadie Haiti, the exchange is possible!

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Bendy Latortue
President & CEO
Bennio co-founded Labadie Haiti in 2015 with the mission to help travelers to Haiti plan the perfect trip. Under his leadership, Labadie Haiti has grown into the largest travel site in the Haiti. Bennio has a master’s degree in Intelligent System & Multimedia in Vietnam National University.

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Jean Moise Valcourt
Managing Director
is from the North, Cap-Haïtien(Labadie). He did his primary studies at the National School Sainte Marie de Labadie (his native village), his secondary studies at the Lycée National Duty Boukman and his university studies at the Adventist University of Haiti (UNAH). He is a journalist by training, with a degree in Educational Science and Theology. He is currently a professor of History and Geography at the classical level

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Roberto Metellus
Developement Director
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